Robot Training System

Model MECA-101

The MECA-101 Robot Training System provides a fully functional industrial robot for hands-on delivery and skills development in robotics. This system utilizes the MECA-500 robot which has the smallest footprint of any industrial robot. The Ethernet based controller is located in the base of the robot and is powered from a 24v supply.

Designed for industry, the MECA-500 compact size and 5 micron repeatability makes it perfect for inspection, material handling, micro assembly, precision insertion and many other tasks. This unit can be purchased in either of the following form factors:

  • Stand-Alone Robot

  • Integration into Table Top System

  • Integration into Suitcase System

The MECA-500 robot arm is produced by Mecademic.  Mecademic provides ultra-compact, precise, and easy to integrate robot arms that will revolutionize the robotics field. We design, develop and manufacture the most compact and accurate small six-axis industrial robots on the market.

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