Automation Training Systems
Model AS-201/AS-202

The AS-200 Training systems provide participants with a hardware platform for performing hands-on development for automation technologies operations. The tabletop or mobile platform includes various applications which can be quickly connected to provide advanced activities, expanding the learning objectives beyond simple on/off functionality.

AS-202 Front
AS-202 Side
AS-202 Dual PLC
AS-201 2
AS-201 1

All systems can be provided with either banana jack connections, terminal block connections or completely prewired to the appropriate I/O with no connections required.

Available Applications

  • Operator Control Application

  • Sensors and Switches Application

  • Pneumatic Actuator/Valve Application

  • Linear Ball Screw Application

  • BCD Thumbwheel and 7 Segment Display

  • Dual Analog Potentiometer and Meters

  • Motor Control Application

  • Variable Speed Drive (Any Brand)

  • PLC (Any Brand)

  • HMI (Any Brand)

  • PID Pressure Application

  • PID Temperature Application